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Oasis - 2024

The newest creation of Zero will tour from October till December! 

In this captivating performance, Zero prompts the audience to contemplate their own oasis: where do you find your peace in this world and can you fully be yourself? An exhilarating experience that raises essential questions in our time of increasing social complexity, translated through a unique blend of diverse dance styles and backgrounds converging in a highly physical movement language. Ticket link:




Friction (2022/2023)

Inspired by the mysterious the energy generated by friction. Choreographer Denden further investigates his dynamic and very physical movement language as a metaphor for life in this time, in a society that seems to be a succession of friction and fiction and of trial and error.

Friction is the first production performed by the second generation of Zero Dance Theatre and is powered by ICK Amsterdam.

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Terpsichore (2023)

A Collaboration between Zero Dance Theatre & Renaissance Orchestra Students of the Royal Conservatory Den Hague composed by Composer Mike Fentross.

This special collaboration and performance will premiere on the 26th of November in de Grote Kerk, Alkmaar.

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Past Present Zero (2020 - 2022)

The tour continues in 2022!
'Past, Present, Zero' offers a unique blend of dance styles and backgrounds, inventive work and intimate arrangements. The performance is inspired by the concepts of past, present and future. Its central question: "How does the past influence today's and tomorrow's decisions?".

For more info click here:

Past Present Zero

The live premiere will be an extended version of the livestream.


The Divine Comedy (2019 - 2020)

Zero takes inspiration from the poems of "Dante's Divine Comedy" written bij Dante Alighieri in 1320. 

A journey through Hell, Purgatory and Heaven translated in an abstract and original way through Urban Contemporary dance. 

For more info click here:

The Divine Comedy

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